Online Training


Strength Training

Programming to help you to increase your strength and improve your form.

  • Personalized programs to help you achieve specific goals

  • Video analysis to ensure proper form

  • Choose from different levels to fit your schedule


Bowl of Berries


Lose, gain or maintain weight by changing your nutrition.

  • Different levels to fit your needs

  • Beginner to advanced to help you learn how to see continued progress



Strength Training

3 days a week x 30-45 minute sessions

Choose from programs for...

  • Overall Strength

  • Glute Strength

  • Running

  • Gymnastics 

$10 per plan

Personalized Olympic Lifting or Powerlifting Cycles

3x a week 

  • $30 a month

Form Critique

Have your videos critiqued  in slow motion to be able to improve your form

Up to 5 videos a week

  • $20 a month

Strength + Form Critique

Personalized Olympic or Powerlifting Strength Program

3x a week w/ up to 6 videos a week

  • $50 a month

Basic Strength




Nutrition Consultation

30 - 45 minute consultation to talk about current nutrition habits. We'll work with you to create healthy habits to achieve your goals.


Basic Meal Plan

This includes one meal plan with a guide on how many macronutrients or calories you need per meal. Macro or calorie plan depends on your comfort level with nutrition.


Detailed Meal Plan

This is an upgraded meal plan that includes one week of specific meals for your body's needs. These will be specified to foods you enjoy.


Nutrition Coach

Work one on one with a coach to improve your nutrition.


Coming Soon


Strength - Flexibility - Power - Speed - Coordination - Agility - Balance - Stamina - Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance - Accuracy

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