Membership Additions



Spend an hour working on technique of Olympic lifts. This is a small class so you get individualized attention.

Member pricing

$5 a class


$35 for 10 classes


Nutrition Consultation

Looking to lose or gain? We want to help guide you in the right direction to achieve your goals!

15 Minutes:


Basic Meal Plan

This includes one meal plan with a guide on how many macronutrients or calories you need per meal. Macro or calorie plan depends on your comfort level with nutrition.

Per Plan:


Detailed Meal Plan

This is an upgraded meal plan that includes ideas of what you should be eating based on what you currently eat and some additional ideas. Additionally you will receive some recipe ideas to add in to make your meals more fun!

Per Plan:


Accountability Meal Plan

This program comes with a coach to help guide you through your weight loss. Your coach will keep you accountable and make meal plan adjustments as needed. You will be able to ask your coach questions throughout your journey and they will check in to make sure you stay on track!

Per Month:



Goal Setting

Meet with us to talk about your goals! We want to hear what you're looking to accomplish and help you to do so!

30 Minutes:


Basic Strength Training

This is for those who would like to add some additional strength onto what they're currently doing in CrossFit programming.

Per Month:


Basic Oly/ Powerlifting

Programming that can go along with a cardio regimine. This gives you 3 days of strength for 30 minutes at a time. This also includes up to 3 video reviews per week.


Per Month:


Detailed Oly/ Powerlifting

This program is meant for those who can commit a lot of time to lifting.

This is 4-5 days a week and sessions are about an hour long or more.

This comes with unlimited video reviews.

Per Month:


Strength - Flexibility - Power - Speed - Coordination - Agility - Balance - Stamina - Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance - Accuracy

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